Mobility Fraud Inquiry Form (2024)

1. AT&T Fraud Resources | ATT

  • Mobility Sub Fraud, Mobility Account Takeover, Mobility Remediation, Mobility Inquiry, Mobility Sub Fraud Upload ... Follow-up Inquiry Form and Instructions ...

  • It is important that you provide your current information (name, address, email, phone #).

2. Required documents - AT&T Fraud Resources | ATT

  • AT&T Global Fraud Management - Document Upload ... Mobility Sub Fraud, Mobility Account Takeover, Mobility Remediation, Mobility Inquiry ... Please use this form to ...

  • Please use this form to upload any supporting documents related to your claim.

3. Actual Fraud and Security Form Link - AT&T Community Forums

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  • When you call the Fraud and Security line that's posted here: You eventually get to a recording that says they no longer accept report...

4. Report misuse - Motability Scheme

5. Report an Unauthorized AT&T Account or an Account Change

  • 15 dec 2023 · Contact our Global Fraud Management team. Wireless: Go to the Wireless Fraud page or call 877.844.5584 for help with filing a fraud claim.

  • Learn how to contact the AT&T Global Fraud Management team if you’re a victim of fraud.

6. [PDF] Identity Theft Victim's Complaint and Affidavit

  • ID Theft Information Form – Instructions. In order to resolve your fraud ... For your Mobility account please call 877-844-. 5584, Mon-Fri 9am-8pm CST. You will ...

7. Fraud Understanding Types, Examples, and ... - Printable

  • Web you can reach out to the fraud department via this inquiry form (despite the url, it will be handled by the mobility fraud. Text messages forwarded to 7726.

  • Fraud.att/Fraud Inquiry Form

8. Can I report someone for misusing their vehicle? - Motability Scheme

9. Benefit fraud - GOV.UK

  • What happens if you're suspected of benefit fraud - benefits that can and cannot be stopped if you commit fraud. ... You may be visited by Fraud Investigation ...

  • What happens if you’re suspected of benefit fraud - benefits that can and cannot be stopped if you commit fraud

10. How to deal with an AT&T fraudulent account | MacRumors Forums

  • 4 sep 2022 · Instead go directly to Mobility Fraud Inquiry Form (link current as of the writing of this post). Tips You don't have to provide any ...

  • I'm posting this because AT&T does not make it easy to report fraudulent accounts. My situation I began receiving emails from AT&T that made it clear an AT&T Wireless account had been set up using my email address. I got everything new subscribers receive, including welcome messages, verify...

11. Contact Us - Motability Foundation

  • Access to Mobility Grant Expand menu. Driving ... Concerns about scam emails, texts or social media messages ... Grants to Charities and Organisations Enquiry Form ...

  • Motability Foundation is a national charity with the purpose of enhancing the lives of disabled people with transportation solutions

12. Benefit fraud | nidirect

  • Complete an online form ... Benefit fraud investigation staff will look at the information you give. ... What you've said or written on the claim form may be ...

  • Benefit fraud costs the Northern Ireland taxpayer millions of pounds every year. If you think someone is committing benefit fraud, you can report them and stop them taking money from the people who need it most.

13. If your PIP is stopped or reduced - Citizens Advice

  • Contact the DWP as soon as possible, explain why you haven't returned the form yet and ask for more time. Personal Independence Payment (PIP) enquiry line.

  • Check why your Personal Independence Payment (PIP) has stopped or reduced and what you can do about it.

14. Report a problem regarding fraud and spam - Security - TELUS

  • ... fraud, please use the email addresses below to report the activity to us. If you are in need of immediate assistance or have a general inquiry, please ...

  • If you have received a phishing email, text, phone call, spam, or believe you are a victim of fraud, please contact our Customer Support team to report...

Mobility Fraud Inquiry Form (2024)


How do I report ATT mobility fraud? ›

Wireless: Go to the Wireless Fraud page or call 877.844. 5584 for help with filing a fraud claim. Internet or phone: Go to the Voice and Internet Fraud page or call 877.379. 2319 for help with filing a fraud claim.

What number is 800 331 0500? ›

If you are an AT&T customer, please contact AT&T Customer Care at 1-800-331-0500.

What do I do if someone opened a directv account in my name? ›

If you suspect your personal information has been used to setup an unauthorized DIRECTV account, you can file an identity theft claim for our fraud team to investigate. You should also report identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission.

What time does the AT&T fraud department close? ›

However, you'll need to contact our fraud department again for assistance at 877-844-5584. They are available to assist you with this issue Monday-Friday from 8am - 9pm, Saturday 9am - 6pm, and Sunday 8am - 6pm. Hope this helps!

Can you sue ATT for fraud? ›

It sounds like you may have been in touch with the fraud department and they have not taken you very seriously. You can file a formal dispute. It is the first step in the civil process of taking AT&T to small claims, or arbitration which is the limit of your legal remedy.

How do I file a claim with AT&T? ›

Go to or call us at 888.562. 8662 to start a claim. The maximum value per claim is $2,500.

How do I check if someone is using my name? ›

One of the best ways to check if someone has been using your identity is to look at your credit report. Because your credit report has information about your credit accounts and credit applications, you can tell immediately if someone has tried to use your identity.

What to do if someone is opening accounts in your name? ›

To report identity theft, contact: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) online at or call 1-877-438-4338. The three major credit reporting agencies. Ask them to place fraud alerts and a credit freeze on your accounts.

How can I tell if someone is using my DIRECTV account? ›

No, there is no way to see the devices on your directv stream account.

How do I make a formal complaint to AT&T? ›

You can submit a Notice of Dispute

If we still haven't found the answer you're looking for, submit a Notice of Dispute to our legal department. Then an AT&T representative will be able to investigate further and give you a call within 60 days to work out a resolution.

Who called me from 855 419 7365? ›

855-419-7365 could be a debt collection agency, creditor, or a financial institution. They're probably on your credit report as a 'collections' account. This usually happens when you forget to pay a bill. If a collection is on your credit report, it's damaging your credit score (unless removed).

What is the AT&T whistleblower policy? ›

AT&T prohibits retaliation against individuals who report harassment or discrimination, or who participate in investigations into such conduct.

What is the email address for AT&T fraud? ›

Email Fraud Reporting

Examples include phishing and emails pretending to be from AT&T. Forward a suspicious email to

How do I report a customer service at AT&T? ›

Have an urgent request? Call us at 800.288. 2020.

How do you report a phone scammer? ›

If you have been a victim of a scam, fraud or cybercrime, please contact your local police as soon as possible. It is also recommended that you report the instance of a scam, fraud or cybercrime, whether you are a victim or not, to the CAFC. Remember: It's the role of your local police to investigate.

How do I dispute an AT&T charge? ›

If Customer Care hasn't been able to help you with a problem, the next step is to submit a Notice of Dispute to our legal department. You can print and mail the form or submit it online at The Legal Department will investigate and contact you within 60 days to work out a resolution.


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