Visit | Clemson University, South Carolina (2024)

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Clemson University is located in Upstate South Carolina. Main campus encompasses 1,400 acres of forest, lake and farmland in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Experience Campus

At Clemson, we know how valuable the campus tour experience is to the college search process. We pride ourselves on offering one of the best campus tour experiences in the nation, and we are happy to invite you to join us in person for a self-guided or student-guided tour.

We are also excited to continue offering a variety of virtual engagement opportunities as you continue your college search. Take in the beauty of our campus and the Blue Ridge Mountains by watching our virtual tour video and join us for a virtual visit led by current Clemson student tour guides to learn more about life as a Tiger.

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The nearest airports to Clemson can be found in Greenville, Atlanta and Charlotte. Clemson is a one-hour drive from Greenville and a two-and-a-half hour drive from Atlanta and Charlotte.

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Riley Stotzky's Visit to Clemson

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“When I was touring Clemson, it was not a pretty day at all. I looked over at Bowman Field and saw people playing Frisbee in the pouring rain. It showed me the resilience of the Clemson student body and how they want to make the most of every experience and opportunity they had in their four years. And I wanted to go to a school like that.”

Riley Stotzky,

political science and economics ’24

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Tour Guide Spotlight

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“I thought I knew Clemson. I've grown up around it my whole life, coming to football games, and my family pretty much has all gone here. I thought I knew Clemson, but I really didn't until I got here and took the tour and later became a tour guide. That's when I started to understand what Clemson means and what Clemson is all about.”

Anne Horton,

marketing ’24

Meet the Tour Guides

Contact the Visitors Center

Visitors Center staff are happy to answer any questions related to tours, visitor parking and accommodations. The Visitors Center can be contacted by phone at 864-656-4789 or by email at

Video Transcript


A white Tiger Paw is in sharp focus with an aerial view of Clemson’s reflection pond and Cooper Library behind. The Tiger Paw expands and disappears, then the aerial view of campus comes into focus. The aerial view moves toward Cooper Library.


Silver letters spelling “Robert M. Cooper Library” are affixed to the windowed front of the building.


Inside the library, groups of students sit at long tables and in nooks with couches, working on their laptops as the sun illuminates the study space through a wall of windows.


Looking out at campus from the top of Cooper Library, you can see many students walking across Library Bridge in front of the reflection pond quickly, as if in a time lapse. This bridge becomes crowded throughout the day as students walk between academic buildings for class.


From above, new residence and dining halls in west campus are shown. Bright yellow umbrellas denote outdoor eating areas, and small groups of students walk along a sidewalk between Fresh Food Company and Holmes Hall.


Inside a cozy dorm room, one female student studies at her desk while her roommate works on her laptop while sitting on her bed. The room features two beds, two desks with chairs, a window and a mini refrigerator with microwave on top. This is a customary first-year student dorm room, and they’ve decorated with a rug, matching bedding and large gold monograms on the walls.


Inside Fresh Food Company, Clemson’s newest dining hall, students sit at long high tables, eating and talking.


A male tour guide wearing an orange polo stands on a bench outside Watt Innovation Center and speaks to his tour group.


A diverse group of four students sit together on a curved bench in Watt Innovation Center, collaborating on a project as sunlight streams in the wall of windows behind them.


A female student wearing an orange face mask and black gloves uses a 3D printer to create an orange product.


An aerial view rises over tall magnolia trees to show the student-only fitness center, dining hall and retail space in Douthit Hills and four of the new Douthit Hills residence hall buildings standing tall on a grassy plain in northeast campus.


Three members of Clemson’s Latino fraternity Lambda Theta Phi sit together in Starbucks, talking and wearing jackets with their organization’s Greek letters.


In east campus, Clemson’s LEED-certified Life Sciences Building stands in the sunshine, providing top-tier laboratories and harnessing solar power for sustainable energy inside.


A Black female student wearing gloves inspects a small test tube with her professor in a lab with computers and technical equipment lining shelves on the wall to her right.


A male student wearing a lab coat and gloves focuses intently as he measures liquid from a syringe into a beaker. A variety of medical devices line shelves behind him and on the table where he works.


From above, six brick residence halls in the Greek quad are seen at sunrise. The aerial shot moves forward, revealing more residential buildings: Johnstone, Holmes, McCabe, McAlister, Cribbs and Deschamps halls. In the distance the Blue Ridge Mountains peek over the tops of large green trees on campus.


Three male and one female Clemson student walk a shaded path outside Fike Recreation Center with blooming crepe myrtles in the background.


Silver letters affixed to the brick in front of the exercise facility spell “Fike Recreation Center.” This is the view students have as they walk up the steps into the fitness center.


A male student smiles while climbing the rock wall in Fike Recreation Center.


An aerial view shows the clock tower of Tillman Hall, large green trees, the green expanse of Bowman Field and downtown Clemson in the distance.


Four students pass a frisbee in the sunshine on Bowman Field.


An aerial view shows Clemson’s quaint downtown sitting just across the street from campus.


A mural on the side of a brick building downtown says “Greetings from CLEMSON.” Scenes from campus fill the bold letters that spell out CLEMSON in front of a blue mountain range that fades into an orange sunset.


The mural view fades as a white Tiger Paw comes into focus in the center of the screen. The video concludes.

Visit | Clemson University, South Carolina (2024)


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