Taurus Serial Number (2024)

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When purchasing a firearm from us all we require is a small deposit and regular payments of no less than R500.00 per month.

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This will come off your account which means when collecting the firearm there will be a lower balance to be paid.

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While you are waiting for your licence there are no finance charges nor do we charge storage on the firearm.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Taurus SHO MTX: 3.2L EFI DOHC Gasoline 220 215 P Taurus SHO ATX: V8 Windsor: 5.0L EFI H.O. Gasoline 205 - 215 153 - 160 T 5.0 Mustang: EFI Cobra Gasoline 235 175 D Mustang Cobra and Cobra R ('93) EFI Cobra Gasoline 240 179 E Mustang Cobra ('94-'95) 5.8L EFI Cobra R Gasoline 300 223 C Mustang Cobra R ('95) SHO V8: 3.4L EFI DOHC Gasoline 235 175. I am pretty much a novice but it seems they have serial number information starting when Taurus International was organized in Miami. I don't know if the lack of early serial number info is because that is who we are dealing with here in the USA. In 2015 the PT-111 Millennium, PT-132 Millennium,PT-138-Millennium, PT-140 Millennium, PT-145 Millennium, and PT-745 Millennium were included in the settlement of a lawsuit which alleged that they, and certain other Taurus handguns, could fire accidentally if dropped and that Taurus covered up. Taurus Model 85.38 Special, Stainless Steel 20 Year Old Revolver. This article and video is to show off a gun that is unique to me because of where it came from. This is a report on a Taurus Model 85 stainless steel revolver. One that's over 20 years old. Support; Customer Care. Taurus offers a variety of support services to help you maximize performance and safety, including repair services, manuals, product alerts, and more.

TH 9 Cal. 9 x 19mm
Get yours today at just R 11 950.00 on terms!!!!
Deposit: R 4000
Or R 10 950.00 cash or preferably an EFT!!

Strength, reliability, safety and easy to operate. These are the words that define the TH Pistol.

The full size version is the ideal gun to police and military ostensive use , with high fire capacity and precision, both single and double action firing mechanism as well as an external hammer, all excellent features in providing security to the user.

PT 92 S/S Cal. 9 x 19
Get yours today at just R 12 950.00 on terms!!!

Deposit: R 4000
Or R 11 950.00 cash or preferably an EFT!!

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Like the Beretta, the Taurus PT92 utilizes the open-slide design where the upper portion of the slide is cut away exposing much of the barrel itself.

Taurus Revolver Serial Number Lookup

The original PT92 was exactly like the original Beretta 92, though it was also unusual for the time in that it featured a squared trigger guard for supporting the index finger of the opposite hand while firing, a feature which was subsequently introduced to the Beretta 92 with the 92SB-F (92F) model in 1985. The Taurus PT92 is less expensive than the Beretta 92 in most cases.

PT 917 Cal. 9 x 19
Get yours today at R 11 950.00 on terms!!!
Deposit: R 4000
Or R 10 950.00 cash or preferably an EFT!!

In 1980, Taurus purchased the Beretta factory in Sao Paulo, Brazil “lock, stock and barrel” and immediately sought to improve on the Beretta design, resulting in the popular and acclaimed Taurus 92 and 99 9mm pistols.

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Always looking to raise the bar, we’ve taken this year’s models a step further than they’ve ever been. Most notable is Taurus’ specially designed drop hammer forged ordnance grade alloy frame that won’t crack or allow the slide to come off. Other innovations include a three-position frame-mounted ambidextrous safety, which is more secure than a slide mounted safety, and allows for a classic SA “co*cked-and-locked” mode, as well as functioning as a DA deco*king lever. Available in fixed sight Model 92 and in adjustable sight Model 99, you’ll be able to face any situation without compromise.

PT44 Magnum Raging Bull Cal. 44
Get yours today at R 17 500.00 on terms!!!
Deposit: R 4000
Or R 16 500.00 cash or preferably EFT.

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The Raging Bull is a revolver manufactured by the Brazilian Taurus International firearm company.

In its larger calibers it is marketed as a hunter's sidearm because it is a potent weapon with plenty of stopping power. The .454 Casull cartridge has been used to hunt animals as large as Cape Buffalo. The Raging Bull has a ported barrel and a red rubber strip along the back of its grip (in some variants such as the Raging Hornet, this strip is yellow), which cushions the shooter's hand and lowers perceived recoil. Functionally, the Raging Bull has a manually operated front cylinder latch, whose release can be seen on the crane. Front cylinder latches are required for such high-powered double-action revolvers, and are found on the Ruger Super Redhawk and the S&W Model 500 revolver, but they are actuated by the rear cylinder latch. The manually operated latch on the Raging Bull is simpler (and thus less expensive to produce) yet equally strong, but requires two hands to open the cylinder.

PT 1911 Cal. 45
Get yours today at R 15 950.00 on terms!!!
Deposit: R 4000
Or R 14 950.00 cash or preferably an EFT!!

Destined to become the standard that all 1911 pistols are compared against, the Taurus 1911 offers you the most accurate and feature-laden model on the market today.

Taurus Serial Number Year Made

Starting with our own hammer-forged -not cast- ordnance grade steel frames, slides and barrels, we machine each and every part to tolerance levels that surpass even today's industry standards. Our skilled pistol smiths hand-fit and tune each gun with the 19 standard features seen below, using quality parts that are built 100% in our state-of-the-art factory. Then they mark the slide, barrel and frame with matching serial numbers. Available in the powerful .45 ACP, this aggressive, rock-solid firearm is ready to go right out of the box. The Taurus 1911 is an unbeatable gun that is also an unbeatable value.

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Taurus Serial Number (2024)


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