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Since the creation of Minecraft which has become one of the most popular games with more than 300 million copies sold out and over 140 million active recorded players as of 2023, there have been numerous third-party services and projects trying to make it free for everyone to play and enjoy one of which happens to be the popular Eaglercraft.

In this article, we will explain what it is and by the end, you should be able to make informed decisions on whether or not it is worth using. So, without much further ado let’s get started!

What Is Eaglercraft?

Eaglercraft is a third-party service that renders players free access to Minecraft on several different web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. It can also be played on tablets and mobile devices that support HTML5, such as iPhones and loads. Likewise other third-party services, Eaglercraft offers Minecraft for free.

Only Minecraft versions 1.5.2 and 1.8.8 are playable on Eaglercraft currently. That means players won’t have access to new features introduced in later versions of the game. That doesn’t sound cool right? But that’s fate. When you load Eaglercraft you should be greeted with a profile customization menu where you can select your username, cape, and skin for the game.

And if you like you can also upload custom files to use on your character. Furthermore, when you enter the world, you will notice one thing and that is it looks quite different from that of the official version of Minecraft. You will also see helpful information such as frames per second (FPS) and tick rate located on the top left-right corners of your screen.

Meanwhile, the controls for the game are still the same as what you would find in the official version, but the only issue is that you may be faced with problems due to the browser-based nature of Eaglercraft. If you’re using the 1.8.8 version of Eaglercraft, then multiplayer is the only option available.

Meanwhile, the 1.5.2 version of Eaglercraft offers both single-player and server compatibility but significantly lacks features. The servers for this game are already set up, and the chat and rules aren’t monitored, so you need to be aware of what you’re getting into before you start playing.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Play Eaglercraft

Here is a profound step guide on how to play Eaglercraft online on your browser:

*On your preferred web browser go to Eaglercraft.

*Once on the webpage, click the drop down menu and select from the two available versions. Then click the ‘Play’ button.

*Next, allow the player to load game assets. Then follow the instructions to enable sound.

* Proceed to check the box that says ‘I understand and know how to read’ and finally, click ‘Accept’

*Proceed to create your player, give it a name, skin and everything in between and join the game. That’s all that is needed to enjoy the Eaglercraft for free on your browser.

Risks and Problems Involved

While there might be some really nice features from Eaglercraft including the built-in ability to create a profile using custom skin and capes there are also certain risks and problems involved that could raise safety concerns.

For instance, since Eaglercraft as a third-party service isn’t in any way affiliated with Mojang the founder of Minecraft, it won’t be a surprise that they may use your personal data to make profits or for other selfish and illegal reasons. Below are some other reasons you should consider before making use of Eaglercraft and they include;

  • Insecure third-party service.
  • Advertisem*nts can be found everywhere disrupting the playing process.
  • Servers cannot be trusted and are not subjected to Minecraft’s Report System.
  • Controls aren’t smooth for sustainable gameplay compared to the original Minecraft.
  • Lack of up-to-date features due to older versions used in the project.
  • Profile names and skins can be inappropriate.
  • Players are susceptible to viruses and malware.

Buying Minecraft Could Be An Option

To many gamers who may not be able to afford to pay for Minecraft, a third-party website like Eaglercraft could be just the perfect last resort to fall back to. But why should you buy Minecraft instead of enjoying its services for free from a third-party website? If you are concerned with any issues that may arise with free Minecraft servers then paying for the official game might be the way to go. Though the issues with free Minecraft servers like Eaglercraft aren’t threatening or much of a big deal, there still are players who would still opt for the paid versions.

Another valid reason is that you will have access to all the newest updates as well as the official Minecraft community just in case you need help with anything. This reason alone beats the option of using third-party services as they may not offer the same level of support, and there’s a risk that you could be downloading a pirated or malicious version of the game.

Eaglercraft: All You Need to Know About the Free-to-Play Minecraft Game on Your Browser  - Power Up Gaming (2024)


Is playing Eaglercraft illegal? ›

So everyone who read the coversation above, just kno, Eaglercraft is illegal, and for those who have turned away from replit, well, their loss. Anyway, if people even go to google for eaglercraft, have a great time trying not to infect your device!

Why was Eaglercraft deleted? ›

I imagine it may have been deleted automatically or manually because Eaglercraft servers could potentially against the terms of service. Due to the recent block of Minecraft rip “Eaglercraft”, moderation will be forced to take down any posts advertising or promoting it.

Is Eaglercraft safe to use? ›

Using Eaglercraft can be risky. Although the service may have some features that attract users, there are many potential issues to consider. Eaglercraft is not affiliated with Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, and may use your personal data for profit or other reasons.

Is Eaglercraft real in Minecraft? ›

From 2021 to 2022, an individual going by the alias LAX1DUDE wanted to port Minecraft over to a modern web browser, by way of Javascript and HTML5. He wanted a challenge and devoted a lot of time reverse engineering the game. He eventually released Eaglercraft, based on Minecraft 1.5.2.

Is free Minecraft illegal? ›

Legal Issues: Minecraft is a paid game developed and published by Mojang Studios. Downloading it for free from unofficial sources is illegal and constitutes piracy.

Are lets plays illegal? ›

However, copyright law favors the game developer or publisher; if challenged, the Let's Play creator would have to argue in court for a fair use defense, which can be costly to pursue. To date, there have been no known cases of Let's Plays challenged in legal systems, keeping their legal nature in question.

Who made Eaglercraft? ›

Credit to LAX1DUDE for creating Eaglercraft and making its source code public.

How to join a LAN world in Eaglercraft? ›

To open your world to LAN, go to the pause menu and click 'Open to LAN'. You can configure the gamemode and cheats and if you would like to hide your LAN world. When you do not hide your LAN world, it will appear on the Multiplayer screen from the main menu to anybody else also on your Wi-Fi network.

How to play Minecraft for free? ›

You can play Minecraft for free on your web browser by heading to classic.minecraft.net, with no need to download or install anything. You can also play Minecraft free game by running it on an online server.

Does Eaglecraft have nether? ›

Game modes including creative, survival, peaceful, and more! Villages, mine shafts, dungeons, caves, ravines, many different biomes, and other things can spawn. The Nether and End are also available.

Is Eaglercraft multiplayer? ›

If you're using the 1.8. 8 version of Eaglercraft, then Multiplayer is your only option. The other one has both singleplayer and server compatibility, but significantly lacks features.

How does Eaglecraft work? ›

It supports both single-player and multiplayer gameplay. By putting Minecraft in a web browser, as opposed to a standalone application like with Java or Bedrock, effectively changes how the game will be moderated in work or school settings.

Is Eaglercraft legal? ›

like take minicraft for example, they used minecraft as a base and added stuff like emerald and ruby tools, so is it okay for a new game, which uses eaglercraft as a base, instead of the actual game? Hi @ErelEmmanuel6370 , the simple answer is no. You would be breaking Microsoft's copyright.

Is it illegal to pirate Minecraft? ›

It is not illegal.

Is it illegal to play games not for your age? ›

You are legally commiting fraud when you're faking your age. So to stay clear, it's up to your parents to buy you that 18+ game. If a kid is playing a game they should not be on, it is the responsibility of their parents.


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