24 Hour Lock Up Knoxville Tn (2024)

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  • 11 okt 2023 · 24 Hours Arrest List · Current Inmates · Inmate ... Clinton, TN 37716 • 865-457-6255 ... We are committed to a law enforcement-community partnership ...

  • Anderson County Sheriff's Office • 101 South Main Street • Clinton, TN 37716 • 865-457-6255 Welcome to The Anderson County Sheriff's Website. Hotline Numbers Crime: 865-463-6880 Drug:   865-463-7175

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  • 05/24/2024 11:10 PM. City: SUGAR GROVE. Arrested By Department: PIGEON FORGE ... MORELOCK, LESLIE. Age: 58. Class: PRETRIAL MISDEMEANANTS. Race/Sex: W/F. Class:.

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  • In Jail Currently · Last 24 Hours · Last 72 Hours · Programs · Citizen's Academy ... in Burns, TN. Sergeant Detective Kevin Kirkland and Sergeant Detective Shane ...

  • Your official source for local law enforcement information direct from the Sheriff’s Office. Providing the community of Loudon County a useful and informative online resource for law enforcement services and activities. If you have an emergency please remember to dial 911.

24 Hour Lock Up Knoxville Tn (2024)


How do I find out if I have a warrant in Knoxville, TN? ›

You can conduct a Tennessee Warrant Search through the local sheriff's office or police department, criminal background checks, and court records requests.

How do I find recent arrests in Tennessee? ›

Find Public Arrest Records in Tennessee
  1. In-Person: This process involves visiting an agency's records division. ...
  2. Mail: Most agencies allow requesters to mail written requests to the appropriate department. ...
  3. Online: Some agencies offer online portals for public records requests.

How do I call an inmate in Knox County Jail? ›

If you wish to contact an inmate, you can call 1-866-516-0115 and leave them a voicemail (up to 3 minutes), or use one of the other communications methods listed below.

How do I find an inmate in county jail in Tennessee? ›

County Jails: If the inmate you're looking for is in a county jail, you may need to contact the county sheriff's department directly. Many county sheriff's departments have their own inmate search tools on their websites, which can be used to find information about inmates in their custody.

How do I find out if I have a warrant in Tennessee for free? ›

Citizens can conduct free warrant searches in Tennessee on local law enforcement websites. Another option for a free search is to contact a court clerk's office for warrant information. Usually, a person's name and date of birth may be required for the search.

How long do warrants last in Tennessee? ›

Warrants in Tennessee have a statute of limitations as stated in Tenn. Code Ann. § 40-6-206. This means that if a warrant is not served, returned, or quashed within five years from the date of its issuance, it will expire and be removed from the records.

Can I look up local arrests? ›

Yes. Members of the public can access information about recent arrests ("arrest logs") from a local law enforcement agency's website for free. However, anyone requesting a copy of an arrest record or report from such agencies must pay the associated fee, which differs by agency.

What app shows local arrests? ›

We partner with public safety and law enforcement agencies nationwide so you can receive timely access to information that keeps you and your loved ones safe. MobilePatrol focuses exclusively on public safety, so important information won't get lost between your friends' cat photos and the latest viral video!

Are police reports public record in TN? ›

Reports filed with the Franklin Police Department may be public record. Requests for inspection or duplication are granted in accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 10, Chapter 7, Part 5. Requests for copies of reports/records must be submitted HERE.

How do I visit an inmate in Knox County Jail? ›

Setting up a visit is easy! Just follow these steps:
  1. Go to videovisitationanywhere.com.
  2. Click on Video Visitation or Onsite Visit.
  3. Set up an account with Securus.
  4. The Knox County Jail must then approve your visitor account.
  5. Once approved, you can schedule your visit online with a specific inmate.

How do I put money on the commissary Knox County Jail? ›

Welcome to the Knox County Detention Center. All cash must be placed in the Vending Kiosk in the Lobby. Each transaction will cost a $1.50. PRIOR TO LEAVING, BE SURE TO GET YOUR RECEIPT FROM THE VENDING MACHINE OR THE RECEPTIONIST.

How to write a Knox County inmate? ›

You may send letters, postcards, and greeting cards, all of which must include your full name and return address. You may not send any items with a letter or card, nor will the Knox County Jail accept any packages or oversized items sent by individuals.

How do you check if someone you know went to jail? ›

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is the single repository for inmate records incarcerated in state-owned facilities. The CDCR provides access to these records via an inmate search tool on its website.

How do I find arrests in Tennessee? ›

Arrest and warrant records are public records and available to anyone requesting them. You can get these records from the local county sheriff's office or the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

What is the new MobilePatrol app? ›

About this app. MobilePatrol connects you to important safety information, news, and critical alerts for places you care about.

How do I find out if I have a local warrant? ›

Search official government websites. If you have access to the Internet, then you can quickly find out whether or not there is a local warrant out for your arrest. Go to the city, county, state or federal website where you think you might have a warrant for arrest.

How to look up court cases in Knoxville, TN? ›

Most court records are available online. Records for the Criminal Court, General Sessions-Criminal, and Fourth Circuit Court can be requested through the Criminal Court Clerk's Office. Records for the Circuit Court, Civil Sessions, and Juvenile Court can be requested from the Circuit Clerk's office.

How do I look up someone's criminal record in Tennessee? ›

TBI allows the general public to obtain a Tennessee adult criminal history on any individual. The process may be completed online or by mail. Background check results are provided electronically. A valid email address is required.

Who runs Knox County? ›

County Mayor Glenn Jacobs

It is my honor and pleasure to serve this county as mayor, and I hope you enjoy Knox County as much as I do, whether you're here to live, work or visit.


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